Tennis Club Plovdiv

With its renovated sports base and ideal location amongst nature, Tennis Club Plovdiv is the perfect place to play casually with friends, to hold a training session with one of our coaches or to enroll your child to train his or hers favorite sport ...
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    Paul McNamee on a visit to TC Plovdiv


    Пловдив Тенис Ранкинг Тур Април 2022

    Пловдив Тенис Ранкинг Тур Април 2022


    Calendar 2022

    Infografic of Calendar 2022


    Традиционен тенис турнир двойки мъже и смесени двойки


    Групи за начинаещи деца между 6 и 12 години

    Тенис Клуб Пловдив организира групи за начинаещи деца между 6 и 12 години от 15ти септември.


    Tенис клуб Пловдив ще домакинства SPORTYA

    Tенис клуб Пловдив ще домакинства SPORTYA

here are some of our

Club advantages...

  • New infrastructure

    The whole complex was completely repaired and renovated in 2020. and offers some of the best playing conditions ...
  • Coaches

    The club has a coaching staff ready to hold private or group training sessions with you or your children ...
  • Courts

    TC Plovdiv has 6 clay courts, 4 of which meet the official required dimensions for holding professional tournament events ...
  • Additional facilities

    The base has built stands, covered areas, training rooms, running track, WC, locker rooms, etc ...
  • Location

    The complex is located in a convenient location in Plovdiv with available parking spaces for visitors by car. There is a restaurant near-by as well...
  • Among nature

    The club is located at the foot of the youth hill, among a forest of trees and greenery, providing wonderful conditions for a healthy experience ...


a bit more about

Our club...

TC Plovdiv is situated in the former BG Railroads Tennis Camp and the entire former sports facility was completely renovated after major renovation works took place in 2020.

Currently, the club has 6 clay courts, 4 of which have official dimensions for holding official international tennis events.

The courts have modern LED lighting, automatic irrigation system, brand new nets, lines and clay surface.

As additional facilities the complex has a track for running and warming up, stands for spectators, training rooms, covered areas for spectators during light rain, toilets, locker rooms and more ...

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    contact our club managers...

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  • Working hours
    • Monday - Friday 7:00 - 21:00
    • Saturday 7:00 - 21:00
    • Sunday 8:00 - 21:00